Sunday, September 11, 2011

Working on Phase 6

Finished picture after binding is completed.  Not much difference in the picture.  10/10/11
9/14  Quilting completed and ready for binding.

I've been slowly progressing towards a finish. My sis called the other day and needed a quilt for a wedding gift and wanted one of mine.  So, we decided on my Liberated Challenge quilt.  I've been very frustrated with making feathers.  They just looked too rounded or tight or something.  I've studied Patsy Thompson's feathers and I've got a DVD by the Pajama Quilter.  I've been practicing since then.  I won't show you my garbage can of practices but I hit on what my troubles may have stemmed from.  I was making my "loops" from the top.  When I started them from the bottom and worked up, they became more the style I was working towards.  Here's a sample of my practice next to my actual work on the quilt. 

And then a close-up of the actual quilt.

It may be a couple of days before I can work on the completion of my quilt, but with someone expecting it.  I'll get it done.  Maybe even next week!


  1. Your feathers are really getting better , they look very good to me ! Great job !
    I wish I had made any progress....

  2. Quilting and the piecing look great! What a wonderful wedding quilt!