Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Liberated Medallion

I'm very late to the party, thank-you for having me.
This is my centre, more than a block but I may not be able to keep up with all the rounds. Onto some triangulation.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Floral Fantasy

This photo shows my central block which is a Foundation pieced Flower.Floral Fantas

The 1st Border I did my triangles in Liberated Style, the colours of the Rainbow

Irene Vernon

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Round Robin

Round 1, triangles. Let me start by saying this is my first Round Robin. Ever. I decided to start this quilt with my newly acquired skill of invisible machine applique. So I started with rounded organic shapes. But when the call came for triangles, I was somewhat stumped. Triangles are straight three sided shapes with POINTS. How could I do that using invisible machine applique? Reverse applique? I changed to machine piecing for Round 1, what liberated this round was not drafting it and not paper piecing it. I just cut random triangles (and a few other shapes), then added some stripes for motion.   Sort of a quilt as you go theme,  it certainly woke up my imagination.  I could have fiddled on and on changing one more shape to become a triangle, but I liked the way it looked.  So I stopped fiddling.   I am ready for the next round.   ps. modified 6/2 to change the Round to #1!!!  Now I will be on the same "page" as everyone else.....

round 1 triangles

I completed round 1 today! I made spiky triangles out of 2"x6" rectangles. I am staying in the warm orange/red/purple range so far..it will be interesting to see if and/or how much I stray as we go on! Looking forward to June 10th!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Round #1 Completed

Instead of squares made with liberated triangles, I decided to work with rectangles; I split the rectangles unevenly and added liberated triangles to make the top and bottom borders of Round #1.
Before I attached these borders, I recut the light fabrics around the center shoofly block so that the block sits straight. Originally the light fabrics had surrounded the shoofly block with the "recut" technique so that the block sat at an angle. Now I wish I had left the shoofly block at an angle--but I'm sure this will work out fine.

I'm trying to use fabrics that are less traditional in design than I have been using recently. I can't escape the traditionals completely, because that's what I have, but so far I've worked in the brown-turquoise print plus the brown circle print. Ok, they aren't exactly wild, but I'm trying!

I'm looking forward to the next round. This is the perfect project to experiment with techniques and with "wild" prints.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Round 1 Complete

I have spent the past few days looking at quilt books, auditioning fabric, sketching, and just plain thinking about what I was going to do for Round 1. This afternoon I had an opportunity to spend time with my little center block and my sewing machine. I stared going in a totally different direction with the triangles and then all of a sudden, I realized sawtooth triangles had a dog t00th look---why not. My theme seems to be headed toward dogs and dots---so I decided to go with fabric that had dots and the yellow was added for a little spark. This was a true liberated experience---for all my books, auditions, sketching I just sat at the machine and let it happen. I think the "happy" center block still looks happy and I had fun. Looking forward to the June 10 round.

New member

Hi, I'm late to the party, but am happy to join :-)
I'm part of the Yahoo LibQuilters and read more or less regularly and post even less.
Here's my starting block:

I had just the inner block and to make it a bit liberate I added the dark blue fabric. I haven't any more of the green flowery fabrik and the dark blue fabric and will try to use up other fabrics in my stash. To get it under control :-)
I've already played around with the second round, here's my second photo:

I tried the b/w fabric because I thought the green/blue/yellow palette is a bit predictable.. We'll see.
Btw, the b/w scrap is from the package Kathy sent me .

And I would be happy to see you on my blog.  
( I have to admit I do not post very often )

Happy RR ;-)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Liberated First Border Complete!

The first border is now complete.  I've "auditioned" many fabrics and used HST's that I had previously made from cast offs from other blocks.  I also tried a folded border inside the two borders.  Never done that before and I like how it looks.  We'll see when it comes to quilting whether I still like it or not.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here's my Round One.  I may or may not add another round of triangles.  I have a few weeks to decide.



Here is my "starter collection" of fabrics for the round robin. I also have a polka dot which is being washed at the moment. I'm sure I'll be adding more as the quilt takes shape.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nancie V's center

I'm using this lovely block from the Worldwide Swap, courtesy of Pamelaj. I'm collecting hand-dyes and batiks to match it.

June's Lib RR Center Block

I decided to follow Clare, Wendy and Jan's lead and to use material I received as part of the World Wide Swap.

"Scarlet Letter" Marie  sent me a lovely collection of in-progress crumb blocks that will make a great quilt.

Initially I was going to sew blocks to together and then trim and call that my block. But I wasn't sure I would have enough 'fabric' to carry it thru to the rest of the quilt.  My second plan was to make a circle with the materials, then I would be highlighting the fabrics, and I'd have space to do Free Motion Quilting!

It's been a long time since I've made any circles, so I had to look online for help.  I found a lot, but this clear tutorial really worked for me so I used her procedure to make the half circle that is at the bottom of the photo above.  I didn't remember sewing each quarter in two passes when I made circle before, but that extra step made it much easier to do than I remembered!

In real life there was not enough contrast with the grey, (And I've been using that shade of grey for my Friday Block Lotto blocks so I wanted to save that grey fabric for that quilt!) so I removed the stitches and pulled out some darker grey (it looks like blue in the photo).

I used the bottom of a cookie tin for the circle size - and I cut squares that were 7.5 inches for the background.

This photo shows the four pieces before they were trimmed.  For a while I considered adding material to make an "X" pattern, but then decided to stick with my original plan.

So here, finally, is my center or initial block for the Liberated Round Robin!

: )

Sara, Round 1

This Initial Block became:

Sorry to be so quick,  BUT

1) The Initial Block was out on my sewing machine, and
2) The spikey triangles were already in the Orphan Box, and
3) All the red/white HSTs were bonuses leftover from  Bonnie Hunter mystery.

So it all just FELL together.
[Don't you think the paisley does a good job of toning it down?  and hmmm... looks like I'm heading toward a rectangular shape.]


Friday, May 20, 2011

LibRR1 Round 1: Triangles!

I have loved seeing everyone's first blocks! Everyone is so creative!
Now it's time to add on...

Using liberated triangles, add one or more pieced strips around your initial block. These could include half-square triangles, a dog-tooth border, tall skinny triangles, or short squat triangles. Stars and diamonds can be made from triangle units, too.

All four sides do not have to be the same design.
You may opt for assymmetrical borders, adding them to only 1 or 2 sides.
Add plain borders between the rounds, as desired.

Please post a photo on this blog when you complete the round, and if you have used an internet resource to construct your border, please share the link.

You have 3 weeks to work on this step; our next round will be posted on June 10.

Click here to see the posts with the label Round 1 Triangles.

Words by Nancie V, posted by June.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scarlet Letter

Trying to decide on a block was taking way too much time. Looking at books, magazines, ideas from the web was just too much! I decided to use my initial and to make it a bit more interesting-a scarlet letter! I am really looking forward to working on this project with all of you!

My center (or off-center) block

Hi, I'm Sue from mid-Michigan and I'm really excited for this to get going.  The letters are wonky, but the borders actually turned out squarer than I intended, but I figure that I can make it up for it in the first round.  Onward! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My new project

Thank you June and Nancie for organizing this Round Robin, it is really giving my imagination a jump start.  There were so many traditional things I could have done, but that word liberated kept creeping in...So I am trying a brand new process, with colors I don't usually use, and can't even imagine what this quilt will end up looking like.  I was looking for a project that would stretch my abilities, and this will certainly challenge my creativity.  I am looking forward to seeing all the other projects.  For more about me, you can click here to see my blog

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RR Center Block

I made a simple liberated shoofly, then added recut borders to give the block some movement. The borders looked dull so I pinned on some curvy strips; I'll decide if they stay after I've done a few rounds on the quilt. Now that I look at the fabrics, I think the curvy things need to be brighter and stronger.

My previous liberated quilts have gone through many changes as I worked on them, because there is no right or wrong way to do something. I like this freedom, especially when I'm working with fabrics already in my collection. This round robin will be fun!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I chose a block.....

This is a rectangular block of Kona cottons and tie silk in the center- I like the way it glows!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Darlene's Center

Here it is -- still in progress. I've used some fancy stitching around the block centers and straight stitching around the "petals". I love it!

Thanks, June, for making me learn how to do more with blogs. I'm appreciative!

Ready for the next step!

Darlene in San Diego

Center Block

Oh my, I just can't make up my mind.  This is what my design wall looks like:
This is my post about it HERE

I'm leaning towards the one at the top left--the iris.  I could dye some fabric to do with that one--but then the stars with black/white would be fun.

Heck--do ya think I should do all four in separate quilts????

p.s.  Clare do you recognize the crumb blocks???  They'll be step two I think!

Decision Made!  The IRIS--wouldn't a new spring quilt wall hanging be fun?!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

In the beginning....

I'm using an orphan block from PamelaJ for my center. I'm collecting hand-dyes and batiks to compliment it.

Sara, Red/White/Black color choice

This is the block I found in my Orphan Block Bin:

 Shoo-Fly block of Hershey kisses fabric.  It is a real problem because it is 12.5 inches square, far too BIG to fit in with other orphans.  And because it is so big and SIMPLE, it is a little boring!  But possibly a good size for the center of a medallion quilt.

So to make it more interesting, I slashed it and inserted a black strip four times, to add the "Asterisk" or "Fireworks" block feeling:

I cut somewhat off-center, and one strip was ripped to straighten the edge of the fabric, which made it wedge shaped.  And , of course, the whole process solved the TOO BIG problem; when squared up the block is now 12.25 inches!  Very easy fix. [?]

Oh, yes, I have several other red/white/black orphan blocks which I have pulled out to use as we go along.  [And there is my stash...]

Ready for my next instruction.

Sara, in GR, MI

Center Block

My Liberated Round Robin center block is also from my Worldwide Swap Partner--Shirley in "beautiful" Montana. I love this happy little 6 1/2" square nine-patch. The colors are wonderful and will give me the inspiration to step out of my more conservative color scheme. Looking forward to getting started. Jan in MO blog: www.familypatchworks.blogspot.com

Center Block

I'll follow Clare's lead and use a block my Parts Swap partner, Heidi, sent me.  I chose this one because there is NO way this fabric will be able to be controlled.  I could use a little craziness right now.

My blog:  http://inkythreads.blogspot.com

My Centre Block

Hi.  Clare from Dordogne Quilter here.  This looks like it's really going to be fun.

I've already chosen my centre block from a pile of orphans that Nancie sent me.

So here's my centre block.

Friday, May 13, 2011

LibRR1 Step One: Center Block

Start now....

Work on creating your initial block. This block doesn't need to end up in the center of your quilt but it will probably help you determine the colors that will be used in the rest of the project. The size of the block will influence the sizes of your additional rows and blocks!

Step One is below!

We've been chattering about the Liberated Round Robin for a little while....
Have you created a center block yet? Perhaps you’ve opted to use an orphan block. It’s time to pick your color scheme; choose some fabrics; think about the finished size...for we’ll be starting our first round in just one week!
Although this step is called Center Block, your initial block does not need to end up in the center of your quilt!  This first block will probably help you determine the colors that will be used in the rest of the project. The size of the block will influence the sizes of your additional rows and blocks!

As you finish each step, share your block and, if you like, the story behind your decision. If you referred to a book or website for inspiration, please include that information. Send an email to junedodge@gmail.com requesting access to post photos on the Liberated Round Robin blog. Be sure to include the URL of your blog so a list of participants can be created. Label your initial photo post with your first name and ‘Center Block’ so it’s easy to find posts later on! If you'd like to post some discussion about the center block - labeling it Discussion Center Block will make it easy for people to find and follow the posts!
New rounds will be posted Fridays, on the following dates:
May 20, June 10, July 1, July 22, August 12

Click here to go to Step 2: Round 1: Triangles!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the Liberated Round Robin!

About LRR

The first Liberated Round Robin will commence!

There are many ways a traditional quilting round robin* is organized. The number of rounds is predecided. Each person or the group decides on the fabric to be used. After the center block is created it is passed to the next person, who interprets the directions and adds the border or blocks to the center. After a certain amount of the time the project is then passed on to the next person, who adds their interpretation of the next border or blocks, and so on. * the number of guidelines can vary greatly! The fun and the agony is not seeing your quilt again until the end of the project...

Virtual round robins are organized so that each quilter is only sewing on his/her own project. In some cases, the organizer throws out an idea and invites people to sew along with them. In others, they give directions on what sizes are to be added to the quilt. Each sewer decides the fabric and designs to be used in that space. In another type, the organizer invites quilt designers to provide detailed patterns to the participants. These patterns result in samplers, row quilts, and art quilts with varying degrees of creativity and flare. The fun and the agony is working alone, but you can touch base with others and be moved along the journey.

For our Liberated Virtual Round Robin we will not be swapping projects. Everyone will sew their own quilt. Everyone will make personal selections for fabric, colors, block size, and the end size of the quilt. Suggestions will be offered for what block types to make. You will sew and then share photos of your progress. Then another set of suggestions will be offered. Toward the end of the event, suggestions will be shared for the quilting, labeling and binding. The end size and scope of your project will depend on the choices you make. The quilt will not be pre-planned; it will evolve with each post.

Nancie and June will post suggestions to the website every three weeks. (If you have written June and asked her to email you, she has done that.  If you didn't receive an email, please send her another email so she has your email address and your blog address handy.)  Pick and choose the suggestions you want to incorporate in your project and sew. Use these ideas for one to four+ rows surrounding your initial block. It’s okay to combine ideas, add alternative blocks, or insert separating borders. Report back to the others to provide motivation and ideas! If you get behind, that is not a problem, but consider putting the dates in your calendar to motivate you to finish the project!

New rounds will be posted Fridays, on the following dates:
May 20, June 10, July 1, July 22, August 12

The idea is not particularly to create the perfect project, but to participate in an online event while creating a quilt!

Start now....

Work on creating your initial block. This block doesn't need to end up in the center of your quilt but it will probably help you determine the colors that will be used in the rest of the project. The size of the block will influence the sizes of your additional rows and blocks!

Please click to continue to Step One!