Saturday, May 21, 2011

June's Lib RR Center Block

I decided to follow Clare, Wendy and Jan's lead and to use material I received as part of the World Wide Swap.

"Scarlet Letter" Marie  sent me a lovely collection of in-progress crumb blocks that will make a great quilt.

Initially I was going to sew blocks to together and then trim and call that my block. But I wasn't sure I would have enough 'fabric' to carry it thru to the rest of the quilt.  My second plan was to make a circle with the materials, then I would be highlighting the fabrics, and I'd have space to do Free Motion Quilting!

It's been a long time since I've made any circles, so I had to look online for help.  I found a lot, but this clear tutorial really worked for me so I used her procedure to make the half circle that is at the bottom of the photo above.  I didn't remember sewing each quarter in two passes when I made circle before, but that extra step made it much easier to do than I remembered!

In real life there was not enough contrast with the grey, (And I've been using that shade of grey for my Friday Block Lotto blocks so I wanted to save that grey fabric for that quilt!) so I removed the stitches and pulled out some darker grey (it looks like blue in the photo).

I used the bottom of a cookie tin for the circle size - and I cut squares that were 7.5 inches for the background.

This photo shows the four pieces before they were trimmed.  For a while I considered adding material to make an "X" pattern, but then decided to stick with my original plan.

So here, finally, is my center or initial block for the Liberated Round Robin!

: )


  1. I like the blue solid against the scrappy circle. What a great idea to "go round!"

  2. The contrast is really good, with the circle and background color.
    Thanks for describing your ideas and process--I hope we get more blog posts like yours; I'm always interested in the how and why of a quilt.