Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sara, Red/White/Black color choice

This is the block I found in my Orphan Block Bin:

 Shoo-Fly block of Hershey kisses fabric.  It is a real problem because it is 12.5 inches square, far too BIG to fit in with other orphans.  And because it is so big and SIMPLE, it is a little boring!  But possibly a good size for the center of a medallion quilt.

So to make it more interesting, I slashed it and inserted a black strip four times, to add the "Asterisk" or "Fireworks" block feeling:

I cut somewhat off-center, and one strip was ripped to straighten the edge of the fabric, which made it wedge shaped.  And , of course, the whole process solved the TOO BIG problem; when squared up the block is now 12.25 inches!  Very easy fix. [?]

Oh, yes, I have several other red/white/black orphan blocks which I have pulled out to use as we go along.  [And there is my stash...]

Ready for my next instruction.

Sara, in GR, MI


  1. Your bold colors and slashing are really inspirational! Looking forward to see what you do with the other steps!

    : )

  2. Who would have thought--love the asterisk make of the red white block.

  3. What a good idea to add the asterisk to a simple block! Slashing is a handy technique.

  4. With more red/black/white block pieces! This will be stunning!