Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny You Should Ask!

I just finished my quilt, binding and all.  I learned so much doing this quilt, doing things I have never done before.   Circles.  Letters.  Raw Edge Applique.  Machine Quilting. Mixed Media.  Throwing out all the rules I ever learned.  I just plain had fun.  It came out a little wavy, but who's to say wavy isn't good.  My husband asked me what it's name was.  I said my first "No Name" quilt, but in reality it would be the "Learning Curve Quilt".  Thanks for including me....What's next?

So Where Are The Liberated Round Robin Participants?

I keep checking back and nothing has been posted for such a long time!!  Are you giving up?  Where are your progress reports?  Come on feed my curiosity!!!   

Love, Pat--who has finished and given hers away.  See my post here: