Monday, January 23, 2012

Still no progress

Hi, thanks for the reminder.
I'm still stuck with the curvy part, the last thing I came up with where some random dots.
Here's a try, but I'm not happy with it. Maybe it only needs a lot of more blue dots. 
I also thought about fish shaped parts.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated :-))

Friday, January 20, 2012

Round 5: Curves.... Really?

Well, just as this border went 'sideways' the picture did too. If you want to view it as it is on my design wall, pick up your monitor and turn it 90 degrees to the right.  Anyway, the objective was to create "curved ribbons" similar to the printed fabric in the prior borders.  The process was the technique at Victoria at Bumble Beans blog called wave runner.  I think it achieves the look better if you are A.  using longer pieces and B. not really trying to create a specific copy of something.  So I am debating keeping these, or scrapping them and starting over..... which is really not an option because I don't have many of the fabrics any more.   So... I have decided to rename the piece.  It is now : Fiesta with Ginsu Knives.  Really. What d' ya think?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Liberated Round Robin.....

Thanks for signing up to be part of last summer's first Liberated Round Robin:

I just wanted to encourage you to finish up (or start) your LibRR1! Please post photos and let us know the final size and what you are going to do with your project.

We are getting ready for LibRR2 - due to start in March 2012. Sure would be nice if LibRR1 was ready to use or give away before then!


Please use this form to update or request access to post on the site!

My Progress so far...

11-26-11 - Basted what I had in my LibRR.

11-30-11  Divided the top into sections and started to quilt each one with a different design.

11-30-11  Second section done.

12-1-11 FMQed a third section. (Hardwood Floor design)
12-1-11 Here is what it looks like on back!
12-2-11 Another section done!
12-4-11 Getting more creative with section five.
12-4-11 I like the back as much as the front!
12-4-11 What I have pieced so far is now quilted.
At this point though we had a bunch of workmen in the house (removing cottage cheese, putting in lights, and painting.  I had to move everything or cover it up to protect it - not just sewing room but all the rooms!  I finally found my fabric again so will be continuing with the project now!

On to Round 3 Rectangles and Round 4 Curves for me!

To see more detail on these click on the image and then click to open in a new tab.  Double click to see enlarged views.