Friday, January 20, 2012

Round 5: Curves.... Really?

Well, just as this border went 'sideways' the picture did too. If you want to view it as it is on my design wall, pick up your monitor and turn it 90 degrees to the right.  Anyway, the objective was to create "curved ribbons" similar to the printed fabric in the prior borders.  The process was the technique at Victoria at Bumble Beans blog called wave runner.  I think it achieves the look better if you are A.  using longer pieces and B. not really trying to create a specific copy of something.  So I am debating keeping these, or scrapping them and starting over..... which is really not an option because I don't have many of the fabrics any more.   So... I have decided to rename the piece.  It is now : Fiesta with Ginsu Knives.  Really. What d' ya think?


  1. Jo - what a terrific way to do the curves! and a fun new title for your quilt "Fiesta with Ginsu Knives"! Thank you for showing us a way to get back on track! So glad you are working on your LibRR! : ) June

  2. Great idea for Curves. Nice job. Your quilt is getting more festive by the minute. Thanks for getting all of us thinking LibRR again.