Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Where Are The Liberated Round Robin Participants?

I keep checking back and nothing has been posted for such a long time!!  Are you giving up?  Where are your progress reports?  Come on feed my curiosity!!!   

Love, Pat--who has finished and given hers away.  See my post here:


  1. Thanks for asking, I had just finished my binding!

  2. Still here. Still frustrated! Thinking. Planning. Scrapping plans. Re-thinking.

  3. When you wrote this I was in the middle of planning a conference. We are all volunteers - it would be nice sometimes to be able to order people around to get things done right sometimes!

    So you decided to post the quilt at your mom's house - you know even if groups are not going in that room, your mom will and she will realize the work and planning that went into your gem.

    I take my 94 year old mom out several times a week for exercise classes, hair and nail appointments, and doctor's appointments. It's been a nice last couple of years for us. She doesn't talk much now - her vision is pretty gone - but she enjoys the visits and times with me I can tell. I see her more than I see my own son (23) who is living at home now! Oh well.

    I did get my LibRR steps 1-3 basted and have started the quilting finally. Now I have to decide on what words I want to add to the project!