Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny You Should Ask!

I just finished my quilt, binding and all.  I learned so much doing this quilt, doing things I have never done before.   Circles.  Letters.  Raw Edge Applique.  Machine Quilting. Mixed Media.  Throwing out all the rules I ever learned.  I just plain had fun.  It came out a little wavy, but who's to say wavy isn't good.  My husband asked me what it's name was.  I said my first "No Name" quilt, but in reality it would be the "Learning Curve Quilt".  Thanks for including me....What's next?


  1. Love your quilt! This might gross you out, but it reminds me of something that researchers would see under the microscope: explore and evaluate fits!

  2. Learning Curve Quilt - what a great name! Your background with traditional quilting and sewing has served you well - you did a wonderful job with this!

    I'll send out emails in a bit to get the next project set up!

    : )