Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the Liberated Round Robin!

About LRR

The first Liberated Round Robin will commence!

There are many ways a traditional quilting round robin* is organized. The number of rounds is predecided. Each person or the group decides on the fabric to be used. After the center block is created it is passed to the next person, who interprets the directions and adds the border or blocks to the center. After a certain amount of the time the project is then passed on to the next person, who adds their interpretation of the next border or blocks, and so on. * the number of guidelines can vary greatly! The fun and the agony is not seeing your quilt again until the end of the project...

Virtual round robins are organized so that each quilter is only sewing on his/her own project. In some cases, the organizer throws out an idea and invites people to sew along with them. In others, they give directions on what sizes are to be added to the quilt. Each sewer decides the fabric and designs to be used in that space. In another type, the organizer invites quilt designers to provide detailed patterns to the participants. These patterns result in samplers, row quilts, and art quilts with varying degrees of creativity and flare. The fun and the agony is working alone, but you can touch base with others and be moved along the journey.

For our Liberated Virtual Round Robin we will not be swapping projects. Everyone will sew their own quilt. Everyone will make personal selections for fabric, colors, block size, and the end size of the quilt. Suggestions will be offered for what block types to make. You will sew and then share photos of your progress. Then another set of suggestions will be offered. Toward the end of the event, suggestions will be shared for the quilting, labeling and binding. The end size and scope of your project will depend on the choices you make. The quilt will not be pre-planned; it will evolve with each post.

Nancie and June will post suggestions to the website every three weeks. (If you have written June and asked her to email you, she has done that.  If you didn't receive an email, please send her another email so she has your email address and your blog address handy.)  Pick and choose the suggestions you want to incorporate in your project and sew. Use these ideas for one to four+ rows surrounding your initial block. It’s okay to combine ideas, add alternative blocks, or insert separating borders. Report back to the others to provide motivation and ideas! If you get behind, that is not a problem, but consider putting the dates in your calendar to motivate you to finish the project!

New rounds will be posted Fridays, on the following dates:
May 20, June 10, July 1, July 22, August 12

The idea is not particularly to create the perfect project, but to participate in an online event while creating a quilt!

Start now....

Work on creating your initial block. This block doesn't need to end up in the center of your quilt but it will probably help you determine the colors that will be used in the rest of the project. The size of the block will influence the sizes of your additional rows and blocks!

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