Sunday, May 15, 2011

Center Block

Oh my, I just can't make up my mind.  This is what my design wall looks like:
This is my post about it HERE

I'm leaning towards the one at the top left--the iris.  I could dye some fabric to do with that one--but then the stars with black/white would be fun.

Heck--do ya think I should do all four in separate quilts????

p.s.  Clare do you recognize the crumb blocks???  They'll be step two I think!

Decision Made!  The IRIS--wouldn't a new spring quilt wall hanging be fun?!!!


  1. I do indeed recognise those crumb blocks! I like the baskets too.

    The Iris will make a lovely centre block.

  2. Pattilou, the iris are lovely; can't wait to see what you do with it. I don't want to copy you, but your block reminds me of an applique wild iris I did and never finished..... Thanks fro showing us your photos.

  3. Great to see all the different things you were considering to use as your initial block! The iris will be such an original center. Glad you are part of the group. : )

  4. Love the iris! Kathleen, even if you did an iris, there is no way it will end up looking the same! Go for it! Wouldn't you agree, Pattilou?

  5. I would agree totally. You go girl--Kathleen, it would be fun to see what happens!