Thursday, May 26, 2011

Round #1 Completed

Instead of squares made with liberated triangles, I decided to work with rectangles; I split the rectangles unevenly and added liberated triangles to make the top and bottom borders of Round #1.
Before I attached these borders, I recut the light fabrics around the center shoofly block so that the block sits straight. Originally the light fabrics had surrounded the shoofly block with the "recut" technique so that the block sat at an angle. Now I wish I had left the shoofly block at an angle--but I'm sure this will work out fine.

I'm trying to use fabrics that are less traditional in design than I have been using recently. I can't escape the traditionals completely, because that's what I have, but so far I've worked in the brown-turquoise print plus the brown circle print. Ok, they aren't exactly wild, but I'm trying!

I'm looking forward to the next round. This is the perfect project to experiment with techniques and with "wild" prints.


  1. Very interesting response to for row one. I like your fabrics and your solution. Can sort of see your struggle between letting go and being more restrained. I like what you have done! Now I need to make time to work more on my project! : )

  2. I sense some of the same thoughts and feelings you have. I see others freedom in quilting and want some myself, but feel safe. I think the letting of the blocks sit at an angle looks great with your fabrics. Nice merging of techniques.

  3. Kathleen, I like the center block "straightened up" but I'm sure it would have looked good either way. Your little triangles are intriquing! I'm still waiting for inspiration for my own row of triangles.

  4. I like the warm colors and your fabric and color combinations

  5. I, too, like the color choices and I'm seeing a lot of circles in the various fabrics, which is cool!