Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting to Plan

Planning will now begin for this summer project.

As mentioned in the title this will be a:
  • Summer
  • Virtual
  • Liberated
Round Robin.

I remember reading how before Picasso put his mark on the art world, he trained and became a very good traditional artist.

So what I would first like to do in this planning stage is collect different directions for how round robins have been held.

If you have directions to share, please post in the comments or email to  Please include the source of the directions, whether they were successful, etc.

We will not use these directions in this project, but they will give us the traditional background....



  1. I've never participated in a Round Robin Quilt project---sounds like fun. I'm in.
    Jan in MO

  2. I'm in.
    ClaireS aka Claire in N.CA aka cfsherman7757

  3. The only round robin I've done was a do-it-yourself with a small group of friends. We made up the steps based on some we saw at the Houston Quilt show: triangles, applique, squares, final border (anything).

  4. Wow Looks like I am in ! This is about the 5th Round Robin for me . The others have been sent around . This is good cause if life gets in the way I can catch up at my own pace

  5. I think this is a wonderful idea.....I have been in 2 but we sent them out and postage could cost allot nowadays...I would like to join in since we will be doing it as a group but keeping it at home...

  6. I want to play, too! I like the idea of triangles, appliquéd, squares, quilters choice. just enough structure to make it challenging, but no so much as to be stifling.

  7. I emailed you but never got a response.

    This sounds like fun.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

  8. I have been sending emails to those of you who have posted comments when I can - that is when your blogger profile is set so I can see your email address. I'll put directions for how to change that setting in the side bar...
    Thanks so much for your interest! : ) June

  9. Even though I haven't officially signed up.....I can hardly wait! Grin!


  10. Each person adds a border made with a specified "part". Some examples:
    1) squares
    2) applique
    3) "eye resting" [1-2 inches of a solid fabric]
    4) curves
    5) triangles
    6) use a particular fabric such as stripes

    Other rounds:
    7) Add your border on only two sides; next round adds the other two, or doesn't.
    8) Turn the quilt on point with your addition, or change the exterior shape [Since the one I was working on had a definite up/down axis, I changed it to a rectangle.]
    9) Add an embellishment to an existing border.
    10 Repeat a previous border, or something similar.