Thursday, December 8, 2011

And then the Rectangles

Well, I have tried and tried to upload the picture of this step/border.  But  I can't find it on my computer..... really, I think the picture fairy stole it.  And I uploaded it to my Liberated Yahoo Groups folder, but it won't let me transfer it here.  So you will have to imagine the last picture, now add in your mind brightly colored rectangles, approx. 2 1/2 in, by 4 to 6 in. all the way around the outside.    That's it.  Remember I said we are in the middle of the Christmas season?   I was trying to keep it simple and get it done fast. border may not show up for another 6 months.  Since the element is curves, I decided to use Victoria at Bumble Beans blog  method for doing curved piecing.  Trying to mimic the streamers in the other fabrics. Well..... at this point I'm not sure how successful the technique is working for this project.  But I REFUSE to applique!  Just sayin', I know that would work and give me beautiful curves, but not doin' it!  :)

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