Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Almost Finished

I thought I'd have my RR #1 quilt all hand quilted by the end of the winter, but it's not going to happen. Since the RR #2 is about to begin, it's time that I posted a photo of the almost finished 60" x 70" liberated quilt.

Do you see the hand in the left corner? I quilt around the shape of my hand on all but my small wall quilts.
I'm quilting with embroidery thread, making up easy quilting designs as I go along.

Thanks for a fun experience with the Round Robin!
Kathleen C in CT


  1. Wonderful quilt and congratulations to a soon to come finish.
    And what a great idea quilting the shape of your hand. Is this a template or is it appliqued ?

    1. Heidi, I traced my hand on contact paper, stick the paper hand to the quilt, then hand quilt around my hand shape. It blends in, but I know it's there, to be discovered :). Maybe it's time I started to add my initials and date in embroidery too. Thanks!

  2. Looks wonderful Kathleen! What fun to include your hand too! When I first started I was going to put a bow on the back or front of all my quilts - but then after making one decided not to do that - there were too many pieces and the colors I picked didn't show the dimension as I had hoped. I used fabric paint to try to change the color. But your quilt is very nice. Hand quilted - when you can post a more detailed shot too! I'm still hoping to have my last two rounds at least pieced before LibRR2 begins!