Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Squares and scraps

As we've been going forward I've been consulting with the Liberated Quiltmaking book. I love the notion of sewing scraps together & you can see that I kind of went nuts doing it. I started off with the square within a square using the hand cut square for a less severe look. Then, I needed spacers which is when I really got into the scrap business.

I had thought that just adding onto one side would look ok, but I was mistaken and so put more scraps on the other side for balance. I think the next round should help unify this, or I hope so!

I am utterly inspired by this blog!


  1. You created some great movement there and I love the colours. Somehow this reminds me of outer space, maybe because of the stars on black.
    I'm curious how you continue ...

  2. So many changes! You took away the words and pink you had before - will be interesting to see your next changes! Thank you for continuing on with LibRR1!