Thursday, July 12, 2012

At the flimsy stage

A bit slow in getting to this point, but nonetheless a flimsy has emerged.  

This is what it looked like after adding colour.  As the piece had a fair amount of colour already I added the white with black and white circles, and trying to make it a bit bigger and less square, added the two yellow strips.

Next, Serendipity.. hmmm...  using the floor to see this layout, and I think it will work, two different purple pieces, the 4.5" green made squares and the 3.5" mauve strips interspersed  with some on the yellow and turquoise bits.  A liked it more at this point before putting the bits together.

And the final flimsy.  I think it will (it had better!) improve with quilting!  I wanted to make it as big as possible without spending any more time on it (a mistake!).  I have loved the process, thank-you.


  1. Karen,
    I really like the angles on this quilt- what a fun dynamic! That bottom strip with the blues draws my eye back to the blues in the center! This is one very cool quilt! Congrats!

  2. another stunning quilt... I am feeling way out of my depth now, everyone has put out professional standard quilts, and I am floundering about as a novice does, However, you are all great inspirational quilters, so next challenge I will pick up my standards and open my eyes a bit more x

  3. Great quilt. Love the angles and the way your eye travels around to the various elements of the design. Nice job.

  4. What a great finish! This quilt top is so happy, isn't it? Love it.

  5. I love your borders that don't go all the way to the ends! This entire piece is simply full of delights from every angle. Congrats on your fine work.

  6. This quilt is just so eye catching. I love the polka dots and the arrangement of the units. Great job!