Friday, July 6, 2012

Home sweet home....

"Home sweet's complicated!" is the name of my Round Robin 2 quilt.
The leftover teal and black half square triangles at the top right were created for a Frieda Khalo quilt I made for a friend last Fall. I enjoyed the process of making fabric by randomly grabbing scraps from my overflowing tub! Slashing and inserting strips brought a whole new dynamic to the piece! Color is never a stretch for me..I'm downright gaudy at times, but color excites's my "thing"! I chose grey Kona to surround my houselike has a calming effect. But now nothing can be too calm for my taste so I got busy with colored threads, both my Aurifil for the triangles at the rooftop and vivid pearl cottons for the random stitching at the top. The vintage colored buttons and the colorful stitching help to balance the riot going on inside that house!

                         I don't know anyone who has a perfectly calm house and 
      Life is an adventure with ups and downs, bright days and dark days, but  
                                            home grounds us through it all!

                        And that's me...loving my imperfect home and life in spite of
                                                      its inevitable complications!


  1. Love it! The stitching definitely adds some movement/excitement.

  2. OH WOW!!!! it is awesome! I absolutely love the vibrancy of your 'quilt', the colour conflicts totally depict our home right now, a gentle argument regarding who is the leader! Brilliant...

  3. Cute, Cute, Cute, so glad you joined our LibRR2. The colors are wonderful and I love your stitching, really gives the quilt excitement. Nice Job.

  4. I love what you did with this quilt - wonderful job!

  5. I really like how you went with the challenge. Your quilt is very uniquely yours and it speaks volumes! Powerful punch for a small quilt!