Monday, June 4, 2012

Mary's Librr2 - Post Updated

We're heading for vacation in the USA for 5 weeks so I've been hustling right along to complete my project before we leave June1. It is finished except for hand-stitching the binding on the back side and adding a label.

But folks, I can't begin to say that I like this quilt -- such a silly design starting with the postcards that I rejected once and tossed in the scrap pile. I don't like them any better in their new home on this quilt.

Then, just to be doing, I used circular stencils (which I've had for years and never used) to cut my crumb fabric into a gazillion dots with no thought to what I might do with them. They are definitely weird!

I do like my crumb borders. I actually cut the outer one while squaring up a string-pieced project -- a bit of Serendipity. And I like the FMQ vines in the turquoise Added Color border And there is a bit more Serendipity in using the piece as an opportunity to practice meander stitching and other FMQ on something I wasn't stressing about messing up!! I suppose I'll hang this one in my sewing area -- at least until I can make something to replace it!


  1. Mary - I'm not sure what the trouble is with blogger not letting you post s photo. Please send the photo to me as an attachment I'm perhaps I will have better luck.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have created!

    Where in the US are you visiting? If near San Diego perhaps we could meet!

    : )

  2. We are one week in Kentucky near Cincinnati, then Charlotte, NC, then Greenville, NC. We'll make a trip to LA ans San Francisco area in November -- maybe then, June?

    1. This is your traveling year! What fun! I hope I'll be able to come up to LA to meet you when you are out her in the fall. I posted your photo and updated the post with it.... : )

  3. I think it is great. Maybe after you step away for a while you will love it. The colors are wonderful!

  4. Postcards and bubbles that could be thoughts on traveling as you enjoy your trip to the States. Personally, I like it and I too like the crumb border. A fun mix of colors with the green added into the mix in just the right amount.

  5. Love this quilt. The circles are so interesting and really make the eye look at all the wonderful colors and features.

  6. I think the circles look like little caterpillars, or maybe that's just my slightly warped eyes x