Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Olympic Gold For Wales x

Serendipity in my case was used as thus....

Seren  - Welsh for Star
Meaning - taken for the Oxford Theasaurus, I used alternative words to create the meaning for me, Luck, fluke or accident.
Lucky Dip - This is a time honoured traditional game used in Village Fete's and Fayre's throughout the UK during summer time, pay a penny or two, dip your hand in whatever we are using as a medium to hold either little items or raffle tickets.
Ity? - A word to add to the end to create the finished meaning, that follows Dip! ;-)

A crumble mess of Dresden plate parts ready at the off...

 The Dresden plate template itself, just  checking pre-race entrants for Liberation and Random-ness, all appears good at the start line, no drug testing necessary, these are clearly full of some colour 

 Not a single plate template in sight! The final furlong has shown the clearest entrant so far, heads above the rest, keeping in tradition with the Queens Jubilee ready with a China Cup of Tea....

 The back of the pack of leaders, bringing up the rear with a thick and sturdy batting 9oz, 

 Oh My Goodness, they didn't anticipate this one to push through the ranks, a near new winner has appeared, do we have a new winner on our hands?

From out of no-where comes the late entry... up the Final Furlong.... wobbly and a little battered around the edges.... not certain where the end is, but knowing its not too far away, and pleased with the race progress thus far, 

Stay here to see the final winner, the entrant on the podium is.......................................................................

 Seren's Lucky Dip'ity...

 Signature and Name plate

 Final item, with the gentle old lady I made her with... one of my trusted Elna 68's

The edges aren't picture perfect, infact they are very tardy, but what you all have to bear in mind is... I have never done this before, ever, this is my first time at creating a mini-quilt and indeed any type of quilt.   I took the challenge on to prove something to myself... despite my total lack of knowledge in this area, and being very out of my comfort zone, I did it.

from Zero to Hero, as we say, it was a long distance race for me, only a race against old mother time, but one nonetheless.  I am over the moon with the final item too. Yes some of the edge sewing hasn't quite gone into the ditch on the other side, but that is the beauty of this item, nothing is perfect, maybe with the exception of the name plate. Even the concept wasn't perfect, I have several blocks on the go for this Round Robin Event. If I had only one, I don't think I would have finished it. By having so many I was able to pick and chose as I went along which one would be shown on each stage, by having so many, I also took some of the pressure off. By having so many I managed to finish the item with slightly less colour than I had imagined, but love the colours that are in the block. All the rainbow colours are here, muted and some very small, but they are there, so in my mind, this block reaches out to all the conditions applied to it and is brilliant for any room.

Thank you Liberated Quilters of Yahoo fame for allowing me in, and letting me loose on the project x

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  1. I love your little quilt complete with cuppa tea! Absolutely charming.
    I have to admit, I don't much like my quilt top and appreciated your positive comments. Perhaps the old expression familiarity breeds contempt applies to my feelings about my quilt!