Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Step 4 is complete!

I loved the idea of serendipity as the 4th step in this round robbin. to capture serendipity in this crazy little quilt top.  Then it came to me - the wonky trees I had previously made and were unable to incorporate in the design suddenly seemed to work.  How serendipitious is that?  One of the trees had an owl in the trunk, so I added a few more of the owls to the upper left corner.  Oh, and I changed the red pickup sticks to orange and added another purple. 

So here is my finished top in my garden:

It's about 26" square without the binding, which I think will be quite narrow.  I haven't come up with a name for it yet.  Let me know if a fitting name comes to your mind - I'm open to suggestions!  Otherwise it may be named after my youngest grandson's favorite expression "it's crazy everywhere". 

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful round robbin.  I have really enjoyed watching everyone's work grow and change.  I'll post a photo when I finish this little quilt.


  1. ooooo oooo oooo I love your colours and piecing.... hmnnn

  2. Those wonky trees are great! And the zig zag border is so much fun.