Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Good Time!

Thanks to June and Nancie for organizing our Liberated Round Robin. I've had a good time working on my quilt, and I learned some new things from making my quilt. It's been fun to see what everyone has done with their center square.

This morning I figured that I would call my quilt finished and tie it for a charity quilt, because I like some of the borders but am not crazy about the entire quilt. My daughter came to visit today, and just as she was leaving she saw the quilt on my design wall: "That's wonderful, Mom!" "Really, Libby? Do you want it?" The answer was "Yes, but could it be made bigger?", so now I'm motivated to add more borders and make it big enough for her to nap under.

It's good to remember that we all see things differently. I don't like the quilt's center square, yet my daughter told me it's just right, don't change a thing.

Again, thanks for our Round Robin.

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  1. How lovely that your project already has a home to go to! I'm looking forward to seeing photo of the additions you make - will be fun to see the finished quilt!