Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, my Dyslexic Self!!! Or, at last I can see!

Finally, some curves I like!!

After ordering some fabric to make the border, I approached cutting the curves with lots of anxiety!  I tried Debbie's
directions as best I could.  She suggested:
Wait don't looks very good. Don't add more purple, go with the dark green. Here's what I would do. Press as flat as possible--stray starch a lot--- and don't trim the purple. Cut strips of green at least 4 in wide. While flat, slide the green strip UNDER the purple edges--one at a time. Then cut thru both purple and green and do a very slight, gentle curve. This way you are assured of matching curves. Flip the green to top of purple, match edge and sew a very little at a time, stopping and aligning as needed. Or the other option is once under the cuved edge of the green 1/4" and topstitch to the purple. You can do this and make it spectacular.

So I tried cutting it this way:
 With the green underneath, I tried cutting both wrong side and then right side.  You guessed it the curves ran the same way and didn't fit into each other!!!  Oh my, why couldn't I "see" that!

Then I tried it this way---running out of fabric here (panic, panic)
  Ah, ha!  It fits snugly and the resulting sewing it together WORKED!!!

I've trimmed it now, and hope I didn't take too much off the sides, as I don't know what the next round of the liberated challenge will be.  But, at last, I am satisfied!!! I'm liking it!


  1. Great directions! Yes, the hard to understand secret for curves is cutting with both fabrics right side up. I messed up my first times too.

    But my end results were not as pretty as yours. Your curves add *pizazz* - using the green ties it with the previous rounds and center block too!

    Wonderful project, Pat!

    : )

  2. I like your curves too! Your rounds really go well together, making an eye catching quilt. (I'm not happy with my curved border but I've decided to go with it, no more changing things around--almost ready to post photo). Very soon we will have our finished quilt tops to show everyone.

  3. Nice job. Love the curves. Sue in mid MI

  4. You've got it down pat and they are lovely!