Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me and You: True Blue -- all finished!

Free Motion Quilting : done
Binding: done
Label on back: done
Hanging strip:done
Photos: done

So that's it!! My RR quilt is finished, ready to give to my friend when she arrives September 8. What an interesting project to start out not knowing more than that I would use the blue fabrics I had on hand. I liked the idea from Gwen and Freddy of 2 chickens representing them and their freindship. I actually made a few of Freddy's Chickens but did not like the fussiness of piecing them. So I just free-handed my own chickens, which turned into a couple of sassy wonky birds instead! Thanks, June and Nancie, for putting the RR together, keeping it all organized, and for your support along the way. It's been fun and I've got a quilt to give my friend as a bonus! Mary


  1. Love the chicken and all of the rest of the quilt, too. you've got a lucky friend :-)

  2. Mary,

    I bet your friend will cry with appreciation and love when she receives this wonderful gift!

    I've really enjoyed seeing the photos you have posted for this LibRR.

    : )