Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rounds 3 Letters & 4 Circles

And not necessarily in that order.  I think I have completed 3 & 4, but I keep seeing just one more spot that could use another circle.  The size now is about 22 wide by 26 high.  I had a lapse of about 4 weeks from sewing while I removed wallpaper and painted my studio. I have posted photos of the rehab over at my blog at http://judyspod.blogspot.com/   I really am unable at this point to explain how all these things came together, which I guess would be why it is called a Round Robin!


  1. Oh, this is growing in a very creative and satisfying way with each round building on and supporting the centre block. Well done!

  2. You are not afraid to really change things up - looks very nice! The fabrics are really stunning up close. Thanks for playing along!