Monday, August 8, 2011

Rectangles = Letters!

I am becoming SO liberated! I had never even considered letters on a quilt but I am so inspired by everyone here and so made my rectangle "row" about letters.

This is all so timely. I am making this quilt just for me and have a lot of bicycling imagery as I love bicycling and do it a lot. Just at the time I decided to catch up with everyone else I found my new bike - it's pink!! I have not had a brand new bicycle since I was a kid. My current bike is 15 years old. It works but new bikes have EVOLVED! I am so excited about this bike that I am dreaming about it. So my dreams leaked out and onto the quilt!

My goal is to be caught up with the challenge before the next round is announced. My piece is now 43" square.


  1. The letters are terrific! Boy, your project is really glowing now...

  2. This quilt is sooo cool! Love it! Very dynamic colors and design!

  3. Oh that adds spark and meaning to everything!

  4. The pink borders give the eyes time to rest and enjoy all the other details