Monday, August 29, 2011

Dogs and Dots Final Round

My Liberated Round Robin quilt top Dogs and Dots is finished and ready for quilting.  I added a 2" border of various fabric I used in the project, readjusted some dots and, of course,  one more dog with a dotted sweater.  I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt this little project.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.  The top measures 22 x 22 inches.   I have a Mary Engelbreit looking laundry room and I think this little quilt will work perfect as a wall hanging. 
This has been a great Round Robin.  I had so much fun and it has been a real learning process for this Rookie.  I do hope we do another one in the near future.  Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me and You: True Blue -- all finished!

Free Motion Quilting : done
Binding: done
Label on back: done
Hanging strip:done
Photos: done

So that's it!! My RR quilt is finished, ready to give to my friend when she arrives September 8. What an interesting project to start out not knowing more than that I would use the blue fabrics I had on hand. I liked the idea from Gwen and Freddy of 2 chickens representing them and their freindship. I actually made a few of Freddy's Chickens but did not like the fussiness of piecing them. So I just free-handed my own chickens, which turned into a couple of sassy wonky birds instead! Thanks, June and Nancie, for putting the RR together, keeping it all organized, and for your support along the way. It's been fun and I've got a quilt to give my friend as a bonus! Mary

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Good Time!

Thanks to June and Nancie for organizing our Liberated Round Robin. I've had a good time working on my quilt, and I learned some new things from making my quilt. It's been fun to see what everyone has done with their center square.

This morning I figured that I would call my quilt finished and tie it for a charity quilt, because I like some of the borders but am not crazy about the entire quilt. My daughter came to visit today, and just as she was leaving she saw the quilt on my design wall: "That's wonderful, Mom!" "Really, Libby? Do you want it?" The answer was "Yes, but could it be made bigger?", so now I'm motivated to add more borders and make it big enough for her to nap under.

It's good to remember that we all see things differently. I don't like the quilt's center square, yet my daughter told me it's just right, don't change a thing.

Again, thanks for our Round Robin.

Monday, August 22, 2011

LibRR1 Round 5: Embellish and Finish

Now is the time to add the finishing touches to your quilt.

Make it bigger or longer, if you wish.

Wrap up this gorgeous creation by adding whatever it needs!

And if it’s “just right” the way it is, rejoice!

Please post a photo of your project after you have adding anything new, along with notes so we can all learn from your process.

Label the post with your name and Round 5 Embellish and Finish, to show how you finish the top of your project!

Words by Nancie V, posted by June.  Modified later by June

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rounds 3 Letters & 4 Circles

And not necessarily in that order.  I think I have completed 3 & 4, but I keep seeing just one more spot that could use another circle.  The size now is about 22 wide by 26 high.  I had a lapse of about 4 weeks from sewing while I removed wallpaper and painted my studio. I have posted photos of the rehab over at my blog at   I really am unable at this point to explain how all these things came together, which I guess would be why it is called a Round Robin!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Behind Schedule

I thought I would have Round 4 done quickly. My mind went to vines just as Heidi described. Then I talked all about easy curves, remember? Well I made some curves, discarded most of them, set the quilt aside, then decided on one curved border and three plain. But the borders aren't yet stitched. The style of my curved border doesn't seem to go with the rest of the quilt. I'll get back on track as soon as I can, though, and post a photo soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


When I read the rules for round 4 I immediately had vines and leaves and flowers in my mind. 
So I added another plain green border and positioned some vines on it and looked at it and looked at it ....and tried to see some leaves and, I don't like this idea any more..
So now this piece already hangs for more than a week on the wall.
What I'll probably try this evening are some yellow circles in different sizes, dancing on the 2 borders. Maybe that will work..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Round 2 Squares

Oops - I didn't post in order!

I went crazy making these squares. The idea was a square within a square and then it wasn't a good fit so I started just channelling Gwen and sewing scraps together. I really got into it! The new "fabric" I made was gorgeous. I also love the asymmetry.

I am constantly inspired by other members of this group and am loving the results of this exposure. Thanks to all!

Rectangles = Letters!

I am becoming SO liberated! I had never even considered letters on a quilt but I am so inspired by everyone here and so made my rectangle "row" about letters.

This is all so timely. I am making this quilt just for me and have a lot of bicycling imagery as I love bicycling and do it a lot. Just at the time I decided to catch up with everyone else I found my new bike - it's pink!! I have not had a brand new bicycle since I was a kid. My current bike is 15 years old. It works but new bikes have EVOLVED! I am so excited about this bike that I am dreaming about it. So my dreams leaked out and onto the quilt!

My goal is to be caught up with the challenge before the next round is announced. My piece is now 43" square.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reflecting Pool–Round 3

Well, I had my Round Robin piece up on my design wall, but didn’t like anything I tried with it.  I even sewed some to it, but then took it out.  I tried it lop-sided, wonky, and any way I could think of.  Finally, I got disgusted, took it down and shoved it in a box.  That took from  my last post (way back when) until just today when “Eureka!”  I suddenly knew what my problem had been:  me.  It’s not that what I had didn’t work, it’s that I was trying to make it conform to my preconceived pattern idea.  I’d forgotten what I said in my first post:  The colors are wild.  Yes, indeed, they are.  This quilt is all about color pattern. Soon as I remembered that, ideas just jumped together.  This is the Round 3 Rectangles (large, small and all sizes).
Got it.  Remind me of that first posting again next time I get stuck, will you please?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, my Dyslexic Self!!! Or, at last I can see!

Finally, some curves I like!!

After ordering some fabric to make the border, I approached cutting the curves with lots of anxiety!  I tried Debbie's
directions as best I could.  She suggested:
Wait don't looks very good. Don't add more purple, go with the dark green. Here's what I would do. Press as flat as possible--stray starch a lot--- and don't trim the purple. Cut strips of green at least 4 in wide. While flat, slide the green strip UNDER the purple edges--one at a time. Then cut thru both purple and green and do a very slight, gentle curve. This way you are assured of matching curves. Flip the green to top of purple, match edge and sew a very little at a time, stopping and aligning as needed. Or the other option is once under the cuved edge of the green 1/4" and topstitch to the purple. You can do this and make it spectacular.

So I tried cutting it this way:
 With the green underneath, I tried cutting both wrong side and then right side.  You guessed it the curves ran the same way and didn't fit into each other!!!  Oh my, why couldn't I "see" that!

Then I tried it this way---running out of fabric here (panic, panic)
  Ah, ha!  It fits snugly and the resulting sewing it together WORKED!!!

I've trimmed it now, and hope I didn't take too much off the sides, as I don't know what the next round of the liberated challenge will be.  But, at last, I am satisfied!!! I'm liking it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Curvy Joy

My Curves are pieced together using the mirror method (cutting curves in two pieces of fabric and putting the mirror images together by machine) and then I added 3 oddly curved shapes and button hole stitched around them. I only put them on the bottom of the piece because it is getting big...  I added narrow strips on the other sides to separate the piano keys from the next step.  Onward!