Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Round

Of course, this is too I slashed two of the blocks and then sewed them all together...

Well, maybe it needs to be slashed again, diagonally through the two whole blocks! But what color should I insert to give it a little zing? I am open to suggestions!

BTW, I still have a number of blocks left that I can play with......


  1. I like your start. Great idea with the blocks.

  2. Good start. How about a really vivid pink?

  3. These are great blocks to begin with - I really like the way you slashed and joined together again. How did you get them to end up to be the same size as those other two blocks? Looks really neat. Glad you are doing the LibRR2!

  4. I trimmed! Since none of the blocks were the same size to begin with, I chose the two largest to slash and rejoin. Then trimmed all 4 to the same size to join. Of the remaining blocks, all are different sizes also. Ready to be slashed and perhaps used in one of the coming rounds....

    1. Very cool - the colors all go together so nicely - but do not look like they were a line of fabric - looks like you picked all the fabric yourself - and did a great job. Well, I like the way you put did the slashing - nice that you have move blocks to play with too! Thanks for explaining the how the original blocks are different sized....

  5. I could have looked at the blocks but rather look at the amount of fabric in the picture around your cutting board!!!! May I move in? lol

  6. lol! That is not even a very teeny tiny tip of the iceberg! My fabric collection is totally out of control - I have been collecting since'68 when I made my first quilt!