Monday, March 26, 2012

June's LibRR2 Step One

Initial Blocks
I received these two blocks from Marie in the World Wide Swap last Spring - they were the only two traditional blocks that I could find in my stash....

I really like the points in the stars.... They are made of a HST but the second side has two equal pieces.

I decided to take the blocks apart - so as I was watching TV tonight, I ripped them apart (I felt so crafty while I was doing this!)....

So now I have all the pieces and have been working on rearranging them....

A swirl of fabric?
Will I put them in swirl going out to make a hurricane of fabric?  I saw some art in an airport in the past week (perhaps in Kingston Jamaica)- where there was a white pattern that swirled out on a white background that caught my eye.

Rows of Points?
Or will I make rows of the points separated by white blocks....?

Or will it be one long columns of points?
Column of Points?

I haven't decided yet - But wanted to be in on the party of posting things for the LibRR2 so am posting even before I decided how to resew these pieces!  I may just wait for Step Two before sewing - not sure now!  I just know I'm going to make this into at least a lap quilt!

Thanks again to Marie for these blocks to play with!

: )


  1. Nice ideas, love that swirl.

  2. I know I said on your blog I liked the points, but I've changed my mind. I like the swirl.

    1. Thanks Clare - I'm leaning toward the swirl too. I'll add more blues in that part of the quilt to hopefully make it stand out more from the rest...!

  3. Such an intriguing journey, June. Seems we might see more along the way when we don't know where we're going!

    1. What a way to get flying geese!! LOL! Waiting for step two seems like a great idea to me. Your ideas are intriguing and I am interested to say the least at where this might go!

  4. I love that you de-constructed your blocks!! Great idea! Look forward to seeing more!

  5. I also love the swirl, can't wait to see what you do next!