Saturday, March 24, 2012

my first post - wish me luck!

I've started my center block for this fun project. This is my first posting so forgive me if this posting looks wonky! I started with a LARGE block that I picked up from my quilt guild's "free" table.

I trimmed it down to reduce the amount of white space and added in some batik strips.

Here's the finished block

and here's the pile of bright colored strips I plan on incorporating into the design.

I got a little sidetracked playing with some of the fabric. Maybe I'll get to use them for the next step!


  1. looks like a good start. I like the bright colors.

  2. Great Start. I like the way the colors "pop" off the white background fabric.

  3. Nice and bright and springlike. Lovely.

  4. What a great find at the free table. And you have just jazzed it right up. Sure looks like you're having fun!

  5. Fun way to start the LibRR2! What size was the original block and/or what size is the new block? Glad you are doing the LibRR2!

  6. The original block was maybe 18" square. Right now it's 13" square. I'm glad I'm doing this too. It's a good step for me to be brave showing my work as I go along!

    1. Thanks - gives me a better picture of what you did. Very daring to cut away so much - but perhaps you'll be able to use it in another step for the LibRR2 - or the back! We all grow together while we quilt....!