Monday, May 7, 2012

Bit of a Stick in the Mud...

Well what can I say, totally at a 'quilting' , sinking sand stop check. I have taken by blocks out of their file, looked, felt, dreamed up, and still end up putting them back into their file having nothing done to them, nor thought of doing to them.

I haven't even thought of what fabric I will use, colour wise yes, I have that.. Mums the word though, but I can't quite get into the theme and make the end in sight.

It could have something to do with two of my machines being in repairs, both the Elna's are with Ian, the mechanic, and I have missed them, even though they are fairly new to the house,... and I do have a machine that is specific to quilting. But these are fabulous for doing intricate work as they can sew sooo slow, where as the Toyota can run away, which you don't need as you are turning a bend on a letter do you!

Sew, sorry to say, I may be late, but I do hope to have them back tomorrow, so should have my feet out of the mire and well and truly walking/jogging toward the blocks end x


  1. Don't feel bad! I can't see myself getting started any time soon either... my life is too full at the moment. But I am having such fun watching everyone else and sharing your doubts and successes!

    1. Thanks Dot, I got there in the end... what a panic though :-(