Monday, May 7, 2012

Step 3 Pattilou

I did a whack job this morning.  There was something about my piece that I didn't like and I decided it was the bottom.  This is my piece awaiting the last step:

Okay, here's what I'd done with what I had.  The pieces that I had last
Raggety Sister left a comment that it reminded her of a "hip city neighborhood."  My mind took a new turn from there!

I kept looking at the piece and decided to not use red, but use orange.  I moved things around and came up with this

The little piece with the girls playing dolls was a little scrap from some fabric I'd sent off to Sunshine Quilts and I'd planned just using it in a quilt for some child.  But, I thought, why don't I made a semblance of my childhood neighborhood.  I grew up for the most part in a business district of a small town.  Across the street was the elementary school and down the street was the butcher, the cleaners and and electrician's shop.  My dad had a bakery.  We lived in the apartment above it until I was about eight and then my parent's purchased the house just next to the bakery.  So the little girl is me playing with a friend at my house.  The house on the right is her house.  It was in a neighborhood.  I loved that neighborhood and thus I put the little window on my friend's house that represents the love I felt when at her house.  The black in front was to represent the street.

I decided I needed a sidewalk between the lawn and the street and added this
But, as I said before, it bothered me--too much black at the bottom and the strip for the dividing line was too big.  So, I cut it down and this is now my piece.
I think I like it better.  I have an idea for a border, but I'll wait until the next step for the directions.


  1. Looking great. I love the story. The orange really pops.

  2. One word - fabulous! All of it. The backstory, the parts, the transitions, the colors, the designs, the layout. Hugs! June

  3. What a HAPPY quilt! Just love it!

  4. I love your story and your interpretation into your beautiful LRR2 design.

  5. This is great. I love the orange, and all the stars. Lots of energy here.