Saturday, May 12, 2012

LRR3!!! I did it, I did it! I blinking did it!

Ah, Ladies, it took me some time, it took me some more grey hair (I don't actually have any but it sounds good), it took me some more wrinkles, and it took me ages! BUT I got there eventually....

You see the problem was, with the detail... isn't it always, we had to 'inject colour' - I already had so very much colour that my Blocks can't be removed from their box unless all viewing are wearing a welding mask and are behind a radio active shield... So you see my dilemma was huge :-(

I wrangled, and pulled, and tossed and turned, blew hot steam out of my ears and blue smoke from my nose, yet still couldn't find a way to complete this leg of the tour...

Until my beautiful partner (He who shall not be named), unwittingly pointed to my rather cluttered (and newly elongated) sewing table with a disgusted nose, which read - look at that mess, she needs to clear it up. I did and lo and behold, a fabric brilliant for this leg fell out from under the others. Black with multicoloured flowers, little flowers so from a distance it looks like a grey. Perfect I thought, I can frame, cut, slice, pin and poke with this and all will be good and calm in the Liberated Robin that is round and comes to visit us once a month....

Having avoided the blocks since the post detailing what we were to do came through, I got them out, pawed them, stroked them, wondered and pieced (mentally) and then came the hack and slice....

Which then prompted the sew up and seam...

Am I pleased with the results? Oh well, yes I am, very much so, and sew I should be... As should our own dear Queen... 'You'll see!'

There you are!!!! two blocks, I couldn't just couldn't do anything with my other two yet... thats a time will see one... But, I love the tea cup I did!!!! lol Can't have anything British without a brew can we?


  1. You are obviously having a delightful time of it all!! Your prose and your blocks are way fun!

  2. Keep calm and carry on!
    Persistence pays off.
    Love that tea cup.

  3. Jane,
    Your writing is as creative as your quilting!! Awesome work on both counts. How you are managing this AND mothering your brood I don't know...must have something to do with very little sleep...Bless you, child and keep on a'quiltin'!!!