Sunday, May 6, 2012

LRR2 step 3

I went round and round my head with this step.  Add color.

  I thought about a brighter blue, but then the whole piece would practically be shades of blue.  I knew I had to be braver than that. I tried black, and white, and a black and white print.  I even tried holding up a purple.

 Finally, I decided that I had already touched on color, just somewhat timidly.  I didn't have any more of that yellow, but I had this gold that has yellow flecks in it and I had more of the hot pink  So, I thought I'd pull those colors to the front, instead of being just hints of color.  I made the pink border wide, so I have room to play with it some more, depending on what the next step brings.


  1. It has come together nicely. Great choice!

  2. I really like the colors you added and how you did it! What fun to click on the link for your name below to see the changes and growth to you project!

  3. Love the pink and the yellow. The pink sets off the stars just right.