Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stepping ahead

This liberated thing is hard. Not sure that I like this block. Sigh.
But let's give it a chance. I started by adding more color.

For Step 2, I had a great time making a whole pile of squares with bits and pieces (ignore the pandas--I was using that quilt as a design wall), but when I put them with my block----yuck. Didn't work. What next?

I didn't know where to go with this. I'm wishing I had done something different. Other people's blocks look so much better. Why can't I be free and easy? Should I start over? And then my sewing machine jammed.
While waiting to get it fixed, I read Step 3: Color. And thought, ok, add more green.

 Hmm. That's enough green. What about more yellow? No. Orange? No. Needs more red.
Someone had left scrap triangles at my guild's free table, and I added more strips to make big red triangles.

And maybe add just one little square in the middle?

Leaving it here until the next step...


  1. Love what you did. And I think those little blocks are going to come in handy soon, very soon.

  2. That's done it... the red looks great!

  3. Oh my, this really cool! I love how it all just evolved -- and it looks great. I think you have a Christmas Quilt in the making -- and you're way ahead of schedule :-)

  4. The little block in the middle of the quilt---was a perfect addition. I agree, looks like a Christmas quilt in the making. Very nice.

  5. Great decisions - it's all coming together so nicely. What technique did you use to get that little block in the middle of the quilt? It really ties the reds together. I really like it!

    1. It was just an extra block that I plopped on top, that I haven't sewn on yet. Thanks for the comment.