Friday, May 18, 2012

Liberated Round Robin 2 --- Step 4

Good Morning --- This is Jan with Step 4 or the Final Step for LibRR2.

Everyone has made some creative quilt segments and it  has  been fun seeing how each person interrupted the steps and made them their own.

We have slashed, cut, created unruly fabric, re-purposed crumbs and spiced it up with color.  Now it’s time to put it all together into a completed quilt.   For this step I’m thinking  of a word


Serendipity is the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things.

Put your quilt top or quilt top  pieces on the wall, step back.  Start arranging your pieces into a look that makes you feel good.  Maybe take a photo of your quilt top or your various quilt top options.  What does it need to make it “pop”?

Should you have a border?  Solid or maybe Sawtooth?
Does it need more accent color or pattern?
Maybe some applique or embellishments?

What is your top missing? Or what does it need to be complete?  How does it make you feel?

You be the judge.

Use the gift of Serendipity to complete your quilt and most importantly have fun.  

For your final posting---Create an artist statement about your quilt
                                        Post with photos
                                                      and size of your completed LibRR2 quilt.   

My Final Posting for LibRR2 --- Since I knew where the final Step 4 was going to take us I decided to use Serendipity and complete my AAQI quilt.

After placing my mini quilt on the wall, taking a few photos, walking away and coming back just to look at the quilt I decided the quilt needed some "bling".  So I added a few square purple beads.  I continued my thought that the quilt looked like it was exploding and added the beads to accent that feeling.  I then completed the quilt with hand quilting. 
I'm calling my quilt Celebrate.  The liberated log cabin seems to be exploding with excitement.  I found it interesting that during the time frame this quilt was created, the Federal Government pledged to spend more money for Alzheimer's Research.  Since day one this mini LibRR2 quilt was earmarked to become an AAQI quilt, it seems the quilt is celebrating the exciting news to help find a cure for this devastation disease.
The quilt measures 9 x 8 inches

I look forward to seeing every ones completed LibRR2 quilt.  Have fun with your Serendipity!


  1. I love the bling! And the petite size of the quilt - it is just charming.

  2. Jan - What a terrific final step for our LibRR2! Great to hear what you were thinking as you finished up "Celebrate". Thank you so much for sharing. : )

  3. And I forgot: Here is the proposed timeline:
    June 8- Please try to post your flimsie by this date.
    July 6 - Final Reveal Day - Please try to post photo of your finished project by this date!
    : )

  4. Sent to everyone on the Liberated Round Robin mailing list:

    The directions for the final step of the Liberated Round Robin2 (LibRR2) have been posted to the site -

    If you have questions, please either post as a comment to that post, or use the form to send it in - we'll answer as soon as we can.

    When you finish or have something to share, please login to the site and post a photo and tell us a bit about what you are sharing!

    There is no one way to complete this challenge, there is no ‘correct’ way to do it (except perhaps to complete as much as you can!). You decide the fabric, you decide the size, you decide how to interpret the guidelines for each step of the challenge, you decide what happens to your project after it’s done. As Gwen Marston has as her last Design Guideline in Collaborative Quilting Page 111 "10. Most important of all - make it!"

    Step Three was posted by Pattilou in Utah – she encouraged us to use a new color to bring our LibRR2 together. Her blog shows the way she does this with her wide variety of quilting projects. (I just realized that I didn’t send you all an email when she posted step three…) Step three guidelines are posted at:

    Step Four was posted by Jan in Missouri. Jan started quilting after collecting vintage quilts. Her projects show her interest in handwork and her knack for creating projects that come to life! She encourages us to look at our project and think of the word Serendipity. The step guidelines and Jan’s completed LibRR2 are posted at:

    As you complete more work on your LibRR2, please remember to post a photo and description on the Liberated Round Robin website. Would be nice to post a photo of your flimsie and later to post a photo of you quilted LibRR2. Please check out and leave a comment on the progress of others!

    I plan to send a reminder June 8th and July 6th.

    : )

  5. When I first read this after it first posted, I was stumped and figured - that's that. But I decided with the receipt of your email to look again, and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to do something to both. I am in the middle of a couple of swaps, but maybe before the June 8 deadline I can get something together. Off to take some pictures with my phone so I can think and look when I am just about anywhere.

  6. I just love your little finished quilt! I hope that it brings in a nice piece of change for the AAQI. Me, I am a step behind...I know what I am doing for the last step, but got sidetracked with dead-lines for other projects. Hopefully I will get caught up this weekend!