Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cycling in the Center

I'm late to the party but super enthusiastic. This is the challenge I've been looking for!

I'm going with the 50's turquoise/pink/black pallette and fabrics that feature a few of my favorite things - first among them bicycles! I just got this bike fabric from Aunt June on Etsy - the yellow? Isn't it adorable?

Loving everyone's start. Now I can look at part two & see where everyone else is going.

Thanks for including me.


  1. Melissa - I enjoy your gusto in using different fabrics and colors! What fun these four blocks are - they will be a terrific center for your Liberated Round Robin! So glad you were able to jump in! Welcome! June

  2. What fun fabrics. OOOOH, you'll have fun in this challenge for sure!

  3. Adore the zebra print in there!