Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joy's triangles

This is my triangular border.  This is the second border that I made and I'm still not totally pleased, but I'm thinking that this may be the "ugly" phase and it will come together in the end.  The first border was much more liberated, but too dark.  I'm saving the pieces, I may try to combine them into a different row.  I'm looking forward to new directions.  Sue in mid Mi


  1. What a fun border of triangles you have made! I like the way they march off the fabric and the sides sort of push the top and bottom as they are so happy - the colors go well with the center. Thanks for joining in!

  2. We are always our own worst critics when it comes to our quilts, aren't we? I really like the way the freedom of your triangles go with the liberated patchwork of Joy. And the cool colors are just right to set everything off.
    I'm reminding myself that I have more rounds which will improve the beginning of my quilt :).

  3. Like the primary colors in there! Really livens it up!