Thursday, June 16, 2011

Round 2 Squares

Ugh.  I hate being first.  But here goes.  I don't like the center of my Round Robin.  I think I started out too complex with a new process (invisible machine applique)  and with organic shapes which are new to me also.  But I actually do like my Round 1 and Round 2,  I just don't like the center!   I did add some colors as I couldn't envision white, brown and yellow as the total colors for this quilt.  I am having fun so far and find this very challenging.  I have given some thought to replacing the entire center block, but am holding back, hoping some design element, yet to be determined, will pull it all together!  I am really enjoying looking at everyone elses blocks.....I have a blog, not very active yet at..JudysPod


  1. Judy, I can sympathize with your feeling about your center block, only because I've had that same feeling about many projects. But I'd hate to see you have to rip it out, since the center is so interesting. I like the complexity. Your triangles and squares continue the visual interest, particularly with the new colors and the variety in square sizes (love those tiny squares).
    You might find a way to repeat some of the shapes in the center later on in another Round.

  2. Brava! For going first!
    Don't rip, please. This is an "exercise", or as I like to call it, a "Rough draft". We're doing this to LEARN, not to cause ourselves angst.

    And, yes, think about how some of the center might be copied into a later stage/border.

    I think you were right to add some more colors in at this point--you can go back to monochromatic later if you want/

  3. Judy - You added the new colors in a great way - keeping the same tones (if that's the right word) of the original colors used. I like the way they are asymmetrical yet also just exactly square. Thank you for being first on this round!

  4. I, too, think your center is wonderful and hope that instead of replacing it, you look for an opportunity to repeat the feeling/technique of the center in one of the future rounds.

  5. I think your block is great! The black angled, stick-like parts that radiate out from your center block are so interesting.