Friday, June 10, 2011

LibRR1 Round 2: Squares!

Thank you to everyone participating in the Liberated Round Robin! I'm in awe of the different ways you have interpreted Round 1: Triangles!

If you are liking triangles and want to expand those in your project - go ahead!  *
But it might be time to think of squares.  Wouldn't your quilt be happier with a set of squares going around one to four sides of your triangles?  I think so..... Go for it!  
Line your squares up so they are all the same size - or make a four-patch and then add a square that is the size of the four-patch. Make a nine-patch, or sixteen-patch. Have squares of different sizes floating on a background. Be controlled by limiting the number of fabrics you use, or be scrappy.
Do what ever square addition you want - but remember the idea of a square is the shape to focus on for this round.
As you finish your square addition, please post a photo of your project on this blog (label it with your name and Round 2 Squares). If you have a blog, and would like us to visit you, include the URL in your post. If you found inspiration or directions online, please include the URLs in your post. Also, take a little time to look at what others have posted and add to the comments!

Added June 26th: Please include the measurements of your project in your post!
* BTW: If you need more time to work on your Round 1: Triangles, that's okay! We hope you will also eventually be adding Round 2: Squares to your center block for the Liberated Round Robin!
Round 3 will be posted in three weeks (July 1st)!

: )

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