Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm discouraged about my LRR. I think I unliberated it when I added that border print around the original block. I'm thinking about replacing it. What do you think? I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks. Darlene


  1. Darlene, I really like your RR quilt! Honestly, I think the non-liberated border adds a good contrast to your wonderful flying geese. I've learned-from looking at lots of online photos-that a liberated quilt can be made up of traditionally pieced and free pieced parts. If you have Gwen Marston's LQ II, you might look at her quilts, including the medallions. She often combines "regular piecing", liberated piecing and also strips of plain fabric all in one quilt. Plus, Round #2 will give you the chance to do more liberation.

  2. I think you should WAIT, and think about what you might do for the Round of Squares.
    At this point not many of the LRR quilt tops will look "right" or finished. So WAIT and see what it will grow into!

    [And I'm imagining for my own LRR that I will repeat some/one of the shapes in a later border. Maybe you will actually decide to add MORE of the same fabric that doesn't yet look "right". REPETITION is a good technique as well as CHANGE.]

  3. I would change the border, but then I'm me and I'm not into florals, unless they're slashed LOL. I agree with Sara. Wait. Don't stitch those wonderful geese to the centre yet. See what happens with Round 2.

  4. By keeping the border it sort of looks like the geese are sneaking out and escaping from the center part. You have such a good eye for this - you of course should do what ever you really want with the sub-border.... : ) June