Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jumping in ... Sophie's Center

Inspiration struck and I am jumping in ... and hoping to catch up before the next clue. I'm starting with this–something I pieced improvisationally so long ago it's embarrassing.

Making New Art from Old Art

I have some ideas for triangles and squares–we'll see how well they work when they move out of my head and into cloth.

You can read the history of this re-purposed UFO on my Sophie Junction blog here: When a Project wants to be something ELSE.

I also blog patterns for quilt blocks and projects here: Free Patterns from Sophie Junction and lead a group of almost 100 quilters in a monthly Block Lotto.


  1. Sophie - This is a terrific initial block for the LibRR. Looking forward to seeing what you come up for the following rounds! So happy you are joining in!
    : )

  2. Sophie,
    You are going to have a wonderful wall hanging for the winter/holiday season! This was a good choice. It's beautiful!