Friday, June 17, 2011

Jan Round 2--Squares

Round 2 was a real challenge for me---I'm not sure why??  Other than the fact I'm a Rookie at this liberated piecing.  I decided a small black border was best for dividing Round 1 & 2.  I tried many squares before deciding on the five little 1 inch squares floating in a border.  I wanted them to be turning more, but couldn't figure it out.  I did introduce a new fabric pattern.  The green border has both dots and squares---hope to use it again in another round.  I'm learning so much with this Round Robin.  I thank our leaders for a great challenge.  I'm headed to my sewing room now to start another Liberated Medallion Quilt, for fun and I need the practice!  I'll talk more about this quilt in my blog:  Looking forward to July 1.


  1. Jan - I really like the way you are interpreting the LRR challenge. Having the square as a divider between the previous round - and then fussy cut into the three sided round - and then again in the new fabric itself! Very creative! : )

  2. I agree with June--you really have interpreted each border just right. And you're making a fun, cheerful quilt!

  3. I really like that little doggy peeking out! The colors are great...I would love to see a little black in the next round, too!!