Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Round 1 complete

This is how Round 1 ended for me :-) .
I'm not quite sure if I like the small yellow stripe, but I leave it as it is. For now I've only used my scrap bins, I'm curious when I'm going to have to use the 'real' stash .


  1. Heidi, you've chosen great colors and fabrics for your RR, especially since you are using scraps so far. I like the movement you've got going-and I like the yellow strip. It's just that little extra bit that says "I'm liberated!".

  2. I love the colors. The yellow strip is great. I can see this will be a bright and cheerful quilt.

  3. There are so many neat things going on in your project! I'm liking your colors and fabric - and so fun to see your choices. I can imagine you thinking - hmm shall I have the points go this way or that, etc. Thanks for joining in! : ) June

  4. Love this already! Every detail is perfect!