Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue & White Squares - Sophie's Round 2

Here are my borders for round 2:

Borders for Round 2: Squares

I immediately thought of log cabins as a representation of squares. The large ones are 3-inches–I described the stamped foundation on my blog, here: Log Cabin Squares. For the smaller white ones, I used the same foundations, but didn't add the last round of logs. They are 2-inches. The letters in the word border are based on squares (and have quite a few squares in their construction.) The word row is approximately 4 1/2 inches tall.

Here's how the borders look, sewn in place.

With the first two "rounds" added

The piece is still, definitely rather L-shaped. I hope to remedy that with round 3.

Because I am always curious about how big the other LibRR's are, I measured mine for you. It's approximately 26 inches tall and 28 inches wide at the bottom edge.

Like Sue R., a theme has emerged for me . . . though it may not yet be obvious to anyone else ;-)


  1. Sophie,
    This is going to be fabulous! I love the white log cabin blocks and your fresh snow....just wonderful! You are a true liberated quilter, madam! Sue R.

  2. Thanks, Sue. I'm having such fun ... but am a little worried that I'll design myself into a corner ...

  3. How creative! I like the way you have two sizes for the log cabins - and of course the letters "Fresh Snow" are really outstanding! I'm curious if you have actually sewn the sections together or if you are waiting to do that.... : )

  4. love it how the dark log cabins just sparkle with snow-flakes ! I'm sure you'll find a way out of a corner if you should end in one :-)

  5. June, it is actually sewn together. I considered waiting, when I wasn't sure if the icicles should maybe be at the top of the quilt, but decided to commit . . . of course, I can always tear out some scenes and re-arrange things if I really start hating it ;-)

  6. ... or tear our some SEAMS. Hmm, do you suppose tearing our scenes is some sort of Freudian slip ... or maybe the answer to a design problem I've been trying to solve in my head?

  7. Sophie - I long time ago I did a quilt top where I had uneven edges to things and I just blasted on and inserted strips to make it come out even. The effect, as I recall, was sort of like a low-res Mindcraft-type sky. Any changes you decide to make will be much more creative, elegant, cool.
    : )

  8. Sophie, I'm really drawn to your colors because I love blue and I love the contrast from white to blue. Your letters are so good!

  9. I am in awe of someone that can work with an "L" shaped project. I can see it will be fabulous! You are very liberated! Echoing another comment - I love how your log cabins actually twinkle!