Monday, July 18, 2011

Round 3!

Busy busy here in the land of garlic, cheese and red wine!

I give you my Round 3

It's looking a lot better now that I've added the blue piano keys and another wide black border.

This is getting big - and I mean big!  It's covering up my Haunted Houses quilt which was big enough.


  1. Oh, yes, Clare! It's wonderful to see your blues echoing the center!

  2. Oh yes - good to bring back the blues again! Having the different width and colors for the inbetween borders is a good idea too!

  3. I like the piano keys, Clare, and they go back to Nancie's blue square perfectly. I bet you'll really like your quilt when it's all done.

  4. Kathleen - I'll like the top. It will be a question of how to quilt it!