Monday, July 11, 2011

This is so fun!

This is so much fun. There is such a feeling of accomplishment for each new addition.

Now just to get to the rectangles so I can catch up with the rest of you.

Judith in AZ


  1. I love the orange in the triangles. It's great the way it blends with the pink (I hope my monitor is good with colors :). Everyone is having fun, just as you are Judith.

  2. Well there's so much I like about this!! I like the way the flying geese triangles complement the star point triangles...I like the black and white fabrics...I like the way the hot colors in the star points are echoed in the borders..I like it all!! It's like watching an amazing flower grow! Cool!

  3. Your choices of fabric really add punch to the quilt! Great additions!

  4. It is so cheery and so distinct. I love the contrast between the star and the border.