Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casa Loma -- all finished

This piece just seemed quite complete with rectangles and squares so I added a black binding to frame it, signed it on the back, and called it finished. The real truth is that I couldn't wait to give it to my friends! They are delighted with it, and I had a great time making it. This is my first try with using raw edge applique and I really like what I can with that! And I've time to start a whole new RR!!  Mary in Panama


  1. Stopping at this point is really liberated and I think you are right. It just looks perfect !
    curious to see the next RR :-)

  2. Looks great - your quilting has really been taking a different turn - these scene quilts are such a unique way to go - seems you are really embracing where you are living. Good to end it and give away now - they will treasure your gift I'm sure.

  3. Mary, your quilt seems perfect for you and for your friends. I love how your sense of fun shows up in your quilts!