Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plain borders and Off on a Side Track

My brain finally registered the "suggestion" from several in this group, that adding a "plain" border might help the looks of subsequent borders.  I mean, this could actually apply to me and solve why my next border wasn't looking right when I laid it loosely on the top!  Huzzah!  I added some plain red narrow borders.

Then I read a reminder on Melody's blog that it is easier to quilt borders AS THEY ARE ADDED, than it is to quilt them when they have all BEEN added.  Because you will always be working close to the outer edge of the project.
Having that thought in the back of my mind, I was constantly perusing my LRR on my "design wall", and it suddenly stuck me.  I could be QUILTING these borders AS I ADDED THEM.

Well that certainly let me off the hook for adding my "squares" border right now!

I set right to work:

I've done all I'm ready to try today.
And now I do have to think about the Squares Border!

Anybody else trying "Quilt-As-You-Go"?



  1. Sara -

    I like what you have done - having the different fabrics for the dividing b order is very smart.

    I understand the concept of QAYG and borders but I can't picture how you will add batting along with the next round.... I just read your notes for the Block Lotto 16-patches and it helped me so much - thank you again for that.

    Maybe you'll be able to take photos to show me how to add the batting for your next round?

    : )

  2. Aren't you a smarty pants :-) I think QAYG and round robins are a great match. The quilting really has brought your piece alive. I really like the piecing AND the quilting.

  3. Looks great. Such an awesome colour combination !

  4. What a good idea to quilt as you go. I'm looking forward to watching your quilt progress---then you can sit back and wait for the rest of us to quilt our Round Robins :).

  5. I looked up your Block Lotto 16-patches instructions, thank you for the descriptions and the great photos. I can't wait to try them too.