Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's all JUNE's Fault

My RR now looks like this on the design wall.

Changing my mind

Thanks June for asking the question that prompted me to consider the possibilities and move the icicles row from round 1.  Now my L-shaped quilt is C-shaped.  I really have to get busy making strips and letters (and maybe more log cabins) and fix that ;-)


  1. Oh my goodness! But I have to say I like the icicles more at the top! They can hang down on the rest of the scene....

  2. Probably it's only me, but I like it SO much better with the icicles moved ... and I give you all the credit for leading me to think about it.

  3. It was looking at this that made me rip my square borders off. Thanks Sophie for making me see the light.

    I think it's wonderful.

  4. Isn't it funny how we almost have to GIVE OURSELVES permission before changing our mind ...

  5. I love it that a wonky quilt still has a THEME! Very cool (pun intended). *grins*